$20 SHEIN Dress + a Community Fair

$20 SHEIN Dress + a Community Fair

I’ve never been to the Hudsonville Community Fair despite living in West Michigan almost my entire life.


So this year, I set out to check it off my bucket list. Luckily, Ashlee + Ashley wanted to go with me so we roughly planned to do a shoot at the fair.

Here’s the backstory to this dress: a few weeks ago, I was online shopping for things I didn’t need…late at night. You know how that goes. And, I stumbled on this dress on SHEIN for $20. I’ve been really admiring the movement in photos from Instagrammers like @Paigearminta and @OfficiallyQuigley so when I saw this dress I thought it was PERFECT for a shoot.


The dress definitely grabbed quite a bit of attention but I guess I wasn’t exactly blending in with stiletto nude ankle boots (occasionally my adidas too) with a fringe dress paired with a denim jean jacket (haha). As people stared while we were trying to create content, I wanted to create motion with this dress so that I can make it into these little animations I’ve been obsessed with creating. (see above)

I think it’s safe to say we definitely nailed the look and shots. If you’re wondering about SHEIN, I’d say their clothes are fantastic for photoshoots being that they’re so cheaply priced. Definitely make sure you read the reviews as some items are better quality than others and of course for sizing. This dress was a size XS (which I’m normally a size S) but fit really well albeit the lining was a touch long so I did cut a portion of the lining off. This helped the boots show a little more while still having a maxi dress look.


Anyways, whatever and wherever you do your photoshoots at, make sure you have tons of fun! A huge shout out to Ashley + Ashlee for helping me feel comfortable in front of the camera and getting outrageously dressed up with me and supporting my crazy visions!