48 hours or less in Chicago

48 hours or less in Chicago

One makeup show, a group of friends, Airbnb, + lots of dancing = a short trip to remember!


I don’t think our trip was suppose to be this short but somehow we all worked and left later than initially planned for a trip to Chicago. We were totally ambitious with our mini vacation in Chicago with all of these things we thought we could actually accomplish.

Truth be told, we talk a lot of talk about how much shit we’re going to get into and by the time we made it to Chicago, we grabbed some chain pizza (criminal choice I know considering we’re surrounded by great Chicago pizza) and we nestled back into our Airbnb and threw on a Netflix chick flick.

We all looked at each other and laughed because we would’ve all been so content with just staying in and basically have a sleep over. (Yes, I know. We could’ve just done that at home in Grand Rapids.)


Thankfully, we all forced ourselves to get ready and made plans so we would have to stay committed to them (lol). And, you know what? I am so happy we decided to go out because we had such a great time going out dancing.

The next day, we were also overly ambitious and thought we could go to the makeup show AND do a photo shoot afterwards. Little did we know, eating some amazing ramen would make us so tired and we were so out of it, we weren’t sure if we wanted to shoot anymore.


Luckily, we committed to doing a photo shoot so we decided to shoot for 30 minutes at an amazing rooftop before heading back to Grand Rapids. I’m so happy that we did because these were some of my favorite lifestyle of shots of my friends.

Next time, I think we’ll stay a little bit longer so that our trip didn’t feel like such a whirlwind of an adventure.


Which photo do you like best?