An Intimate Wedding Ceremony at New Hotel Mertens

An Intimate Wedding Ceremony at New Hotel Mertens

“You will forever be my always".”


Gayl + Jim were super easy going and laid back. Their ceremony was short and fun. They weren’t planning on getting any wedding photos done but I am so happy that their daughter gifted them a session for their big day. It felt like an elopement. It was very family focused and I followed them along their journey. Their civil ceremony started off at the covered Ada Bridge followed by dinner at New Hotel Mertens.

New Hotel Mertens has a special spot in their hearts. It was where they had their first date. They told me that the customer service was amazing on their first date. They came in late but the bar staff was super welcoming and mixed fun off-menu items for them on their first date. Ever since then, they have celebrated at New Hotel Mertens. It was only natural to host their wedding dinner for them and their family at New Hotel Mertens. NHM had just expanded and added a stunning French bakery that I felt like was such a perfect space to snap a few photos of them. They were kind enough to let us up on the rooftop to snap a few photos of them too prior to them enjoying their dinner.


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