A Different Style of Senior Portraits

A Different Style of Senior Portraits

If I think about it too long, it makes me a little sad thinking about how fast time flies. I know it’s totally cliche to say everything happens within a blink of an eye but it kind of has. As you get older, everyone gets busier and you get into the groove of focusing on your own life that by the time you take a step back, so much has passed on by.

I’ve known Kamilah since she was in high school. I was her high school cheerleading coach. I saw her potential to be great the first day that I met her. And along the way, I was able to be a part of her life by photographing her high school senior portraits. And then, she was a part of my life by standing in as a bridesmaid on my wedding day.

So, it’s only natural that when she graduated college, I would be there to document such a huge accomplishment! I could not be more proud of this young woman!


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