Happy Birthday, Ashlee!

Happy Birthday, Ashlee!

A huge birthday shout out to the one and only, Ashlee!


You may recognize her from being on my instagram feed and probably has mistaken me for her. I wish I looked as great as she does!

Ashlee and I became friends when her BFF, Janelle, introduced us. At the time, I was Janelle’s hairstylist before she moved away to Cali and doing BIG things as a stylist out in Cali! You can see more of Janelle’s work here. (She’s fucking CRUSHIN’ it out there.)

Anyways, I was introduced to Ashlee to do her hair and basically we’ve been friends ever since! I started taking photos of her and she started to drag me to F45 so I could workout with her and the rest is history!


Anyways, as we get older, it’s really hard to make genuine and amazing friends who love and support you in every way possible. And Ashlee is definitely that person to me. I guess she thinks she’s going to move away from Michigan soon - not if I can help it (haha). I’m kidding! Although, I’m pretty bummed about it but knowing her, she will blow up in Cali and deserves all the love and success!

If you see Ashlee today, be sure to wish her a happy birthday! Otherwise, drop her a line here.