The $8 Dress from Target I Didn't Know I Needed

The $8 Dress from Target I Didn't Know I Needed

Can you really go to Target and NOT buy something that wasn’t on your list to buy?


Usually I’m just bored and I go to Target to buy ONE thing and leave with like 5+ items that I didn’t even know I needed. Okay, let’s be honest. Is anything on my Target list really a “need to buy"“ kind of item? (lol)

Well luckily for me, this dress was in the clearance rack when it struck my eye! I picked it up and saw it was for $8 and BOOM. SOLD. I didn’t even try it on. The dress is super comfortable and isn’t really form fitting.


However, the burst of the red-orange color was perfect for summer and the dress made “dressing up and put together” look really easy. And just like that, I called up Ashley and we did an impromptu shoot with each other for like 45 min.

Ashley took me to this spot with gorgeous vines growing on it and then the cute coral pink house that she recently found!


Sometimes, all you need is a 45 min shoot to create some content that will last you a few weeks! Pro tip I learned from Ashley though is to bring more than one outfit! You get way more looks out of one shoot. Oh, and PROPS. Note to self: bring props!

Outfit: Target

You can check out Ashley’s greatness here: website + Instagram.