This is THIRTY

This is THIRTY

In a recent turn of events, I am being photographed by Ashlee for once instead of the other way around. It seems like my husband & all my friends have been on a mission to get me more in front of the camera even though I much more comfortable behind the camera.


I turned 30 recently. And, I spent most of the week reflecting by myself on what it meant to be THIRTY. No mental breakdown. I wasn’t sad. I am grateful I have the privilege of getting older and it was definitely a surreal feeling hitting such a milestone.

If you’re a Friends fan, you’ll appreciate this GIF.

If you’re a Friends fan, you’ll appreciate this GIF.

We put so much weight on being older, especially as women. We put so much weight on what we should accomplish by the time we’re thirty and it seems like all too much. I am finally in a place in my life where I don’t have a full on plan. I don’t have anymore boxes I “NEED” to check off. And, I refuse to feel bad about myself if I didn’t accomplish something that is idealized by our society as the definition of “success.”

I am taking my time. I’m not in a rush to have children even though it seems like the generation before me are eager for my husband and I to have children. And I get it, they’re worried for my health as I age, it does increasingly difficult. Hell, I’m already tired now and I only have to worry about myself let alone an entire miniature human. I don’t have the ideal 9-5 job anymore. I don’t have a salary. I am a freelance photographer and content creator and even though it lacks so much structure that my type A brain is eager for, my type B is THRIVING on the freedom.

Now that I am 30, it’s nice to reflect back on all the things that my husband and I did accomplish even if it wasn’t a part of the standard recipe for success. He finished Barber college. We opened a barbershop in Grand Rapids, MI. The community has been NOTHING but supportive and we couldn’t have been happier.


It’s a really weird thing to feel. We’re BUSINESS OWNERS. It’s so weird but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our growing pains are all our own and we’re fully in control of our decisions (and days off... although I’m not sure you get days off anymore once you’re a business owner.) Sure, life and marriage still has it struggles but we’re growing along side each other. Thank you to all my friends + family that wished me a happy birthday and went out of your way to make me feel so special on my big 3-0. Thank you for forcing me to document myself! And, a big thank you to my husband, who planned the most beautiful week for me.